St Eval Scented Tealights

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A little everyday luxury with St Eval scented tealights! Create a relaxing ambience of warm, flickering candlelight with these heavenly herbal scented tealights. 

Choose from

  • Beautiful Bay & Rosemary scented tealights and let the invigorating combination of herbal rosemary and cool bay leaf fill your home.
  • Cucumber & Black Pepper with the clean, fresh scent of crunchy cucumber with notes of melon and rose a soothing woody base with warming black pepper tones.
  • Sea Salt has a unique blend of ozonic and citrus scents which are reminiscent of the ocean and the addition of mossy undertones evokes the sensation of fresh sea breezes. 
  • Citronella - a fresh lemony fragrance, great to keep insects away.
  • Fig Tree has a clean and refreshing scent with hints of sweet fresh figs.
  • Grapefruit & Lime is a delightful citrus blend of uplifting Grapefruit & freshly squeezed zesty Lime.

Each box contains 9 tealights.

St Eval tealights are poured at their factory nestled on the North Coast of Cornwall. 

  • Burn Time: up to 6 hours.  For best results burn candle 3-4 hours at a time, never move whilst lit or until wax hardens. Keep wick trimmed to approx 10mm and remove wick trimmings, match stubs and any other foreign objects.
  • Size: 38mm x 15mm
  • Safety: Always place tealights on an appropriate heat resistant base or holder on a flat stable surface.