Ester & Erik 42cm Taper Candle - Violet (Nos 32)

Ester & Erik 42cm Taper Candle - Violet (Nos 32)

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Elegant 42cm taper candles in Violet (32) handcrafted in Denmark by Ester & Erik using traditional methods.

These candles are tall and slender tapering into the signature Ester & Erik elegant point at the top providing the ultimate statement look and are then conically shaped at the bottom, to fit most candle holders.

They are self-extinguishing, soot free, odourless and have an amazing 8 hours of burn time due to the traditional hand dipped method used to make them.

We also stock a range of coordinating candle holders for a truly individual statement and which complete the look.

This price is for one candle only.

Please note we are happy to post up to 10 candles however, for orders of 10 or more, please call the store on 01737 356404 to discuss delivery options.